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Built a Small Drupal Module Last night. "Block Inject Filter".

Many times, mostly in content sites, the administrators find it difficult to find means of inserting ads in all of their articles, at the end of a per-defined paragraph, say 2nd paragraph. Block Inject Filter solves this by providing a configurable Text Filter that can be used on any Input Format in Drupal.

It can be configured to inject any predefined Custom Block into all content that use the Text Format which has the filter configured.

* Edit any of your Input Format (say Full HTML)
* Enable "Block Inject" filter
* In the configuration form of the filter, provide below details:
1) The Custom Block which has to be inserted
2) The tag after which the Block has to be injected You can choose to inject the block after the close of Nth tag, or a New Line
3) The value of N (The number of the paragraph after which you wish to insert)

Module can be checked out via GIT @

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Submitted by tanay on Thu, 12/06/2012 - 03:21