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At Acquia India, 15 of us had enrolled ourselves in a self-guided D8 study group program. Most of us are developers who are very familiar with D7. Some of us are already working on full time Drupal 8 projects while some of us are trying out some pet projects.

The format of our study group looks like the below:

  1. We meet for 20 mins in the morning every alternate day (Mon, Wed, Fri) to discuss the activity card of the day

  2. We disperse and then complete the prescribed exercise offline during the day

  3. Often, we discuss the challenges or blockers from the day’s exercise on the next call

We have built a set of Activity Cards for this program. These cards assume you are very familiar with D7 and will cover topics that have significantly changed between D7 and D8. Each Activity card consists of:

  1. A small objective

  2. Primary Tutorial

  3. Exercise

  4. Some cards have an additional secondary tutorial / reference material and a bonus exercise

The exercises are crafted so they don’t take more than an hour to complete after reading the prescribed primary tutorial. Sometimes, they do take longer though.

These cards could be a great learning tool for small teams that might want to form a similar D8 study group.

These cards were built by a small team learning D8, than by someone who has already mastered it. So they could be prone to errors. Drop a note to me or comment here, if you see any errors in the cards, or if you have any suggestions on any of the cards, or if you wish to collaborate with us in building new cards.

The cards are available here. An embed of the doc is right below here. We have around ~10 cards as of date.  We will keep adding more cards to the collection as our study group progresses.

Click here to access the D8 Study Group Activity Cards


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