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Had a copy of this book today. Though the cover gave me an impression that this book could be the missing manual for the Migrate Module, it happens to be no where close to it.

The book is more of a do-it-yourself visual guide to using the Feeds Module. It covers importing content using Feeds, manipulating content while importing using Feeds Tamper Module.

It includes a 10 page guide on using the Migrate Module, which is no where close to being a quick start guide, let alone a manual.

Is this book for you?

This book is for you if you are comfortable with using Drupal to an extent of installing modules and familiar with the configuring modules and using them through the UI, and looking at importing content from your legacy system, probably not spanning more than 10000 nodes (pages) and you are not familiar with writing Drupal code, and hence would not like to use the Migrate Module.

This book is not for you, if you are looking for a Pro-Drupal guide to the Migrate Module that would teach you write some code to migrate content using the Migrate Module.

Remember, unlike Feeds module, you can not migrate content using Migrate module without writing code. Feeds has a very good UI, using which you can handle most of the common migration tasks.

The best guide to using Migrate Module still remains the same - the couple of well documented examples that are included in the Migrate Module.

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