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The Spirit of Mumbai has always surprised me. Though I am from Bangalore I happen to spend half my time here on assignments and I fell in love with the city the first time I landed here.


People here just make lives of others easier and thereby making theirs easier as well.


A few things that I have always loved.. Honest Auto-wallahs and Cab drivers: They would never take you on a longer route without your consent (in case of traffic), and their meters are always correct. In every other city, when I am travelling in an auto, I keep a tab on Maps on my mobile to see the distance travelled and the route taken. It is just in Mumbai that I can retire into some work or music while travelling.



It happened last night that I dropped my mobile on the road at around 1am while returning to the hotel from a movie after work. I could immediately realised it within a few seconds and was able to walk back a few feet to find my phone. It was damaged a bit though (The power button was broken and lost). But what concerned me was that the memory card was dislodged due to the impact and was missing.


The road was in a bad condition with loose gravel stones on it that made the search for my memory card difficult. Being on travel most of the times, I keep all utilities handy in my bag but a torch light was not something that I carried since I used to use my Mobile’s LED flash as a torch whenever required. With the mobile broken now, it was difficult searching for the memory card on the dark road with loose gravel increasing the chances of the card being hidden under one of them.


Took a look around and found a security guy at the entrance of an adjacent building. Asked him if he had a torch/battery light. He enquired what it was for and was kind to give one. I was searching on the road with the torch light for the memory card and having known what I was doing, he brought another torch light with him and sort of started searching on the road.




I told him it is fine but he continued. After a couple of minutes of search, he takes out his walkie-talkie and asks someone to come down. In a minute, there are 4 more security guards with battery lights searching for the card. I was growing a bit embarrassed with so many people on board the “search - team” for a small thing of mine.


One of the guards complained to the other that the light was too low and that with the gravel was making the search difficult. One of the guards makes a call on his mobile. A black scorpio vehicle emerges from the basement parking of the building. The guard talks something to the driver of the vehicle. The driver parks the vehicle by the side of the road, around 10 feet away from where we were searching with the vehicle’s LED headlamps turned on illuminating the whole portion of the road that we were searching and the driver gets down the vehicle to join the “search team”.


5 people that looked like college students passing by enquire with one of the guards what they are searching for. While 2 of them continue chatting, 3 of them start groping the road around the illuminated area with their feet, searching for the card, while still continuing their conversation between themselves.



After searching for another 5 minutes, I realised that there are now 9 people searching for a small trivial thing of mine.



It was time for me to realise that it probably was not worth the time and effort of so many people. Told them that it is fine and thanked them for the search. The memory card was never found but the incident reminded me yet again of the spirit of Mumbai and its people.


I love Bangalore for whatever it is. But I think something like the above can happen only in Mumbai and no where else. I definitely would not expect anyone to stop by or bother about someone searching for something on the road in Bangalore!


NOTE: All pics are depictive. As said, my phone was broken and hence I do not have any real pics from the incident ;-)


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