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I was one of the biggest fans of ACT Broadband till recently and had a connection with them (AccountNo 190023) until I had to face their customer support this week, which is one of the worst support teams on earth.


Trouble started when my Internet connection dropped all of a sudden on the Monday (Aug 11th).


  1. Monday Morning - Complained to ACT Customer support and they promise to rectify it in 24 hours ie by Tuesday Morning

  2. Monday Evening - A technician Prem (mobile number 8884437740) visits my house and tries some stuff on my laptop. He clearly had very little knowledge and looked like a new recruit. He disappears after saying that he will come back Tuesday Morning

  3. Tuesday - The technician doesn’t come. Nor does he answer the call. Called up ACT Support 3 times and they say they are sending another technician. Nothing happened till evening. Called ACT helpline again. This time the helpline puts me on a conference call with Prem. The reason he gives for not turning up - “Sir, we have complaints waiting till 8 days, how can you expect us to fix your internet in 1 day?” . Listen to the call with customer support here.

  4. Wednesday - Mailed to the Nodal Officer at ACT. He replies with a ticket number and says that he has escalated it and that it will be resolved in a couple of hours. And then they forgot about the issue again. No technician came. No call either. Their support call center says that they have escalated it to the highest possible level (Nodal Officer) and they can do nothing about it. Listen to the call here.


3 days and still no resolution.


Finally, unable to take this any more, I finally requested them to disconnect my Internet connection and to settle all bills till date.


That is the pathetic state of ACT Broadband’s customer support. They have one of the best Tariff plans in the city. But, if internet means everything to you and if you can not run even one day without internet, or if internet means business to you, do not go for ACT broadband.


Because, ACT Broadband is cheap (not economical). They have cheap plans, and more importantly cheap support that hardly responds. I am happy to switch to Airtel, whose plans are a bit costlier and bandwidth limits are lower, but they at least they respond to your complaints.

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