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There has been this video that has been doing rounds on Facebook and Twitter recently. The video shows a bunch of people being interviewed on video calls for the job of “Director of Operations”. The candidates are given the job description which goes along the lines of “Unlimited hours. No breaks. The most important job is also the world's toughest job”. Finally it is revealed to the candidates that the job description is in fact that of “Mom”, after which the candidates turn emotional and thank their moms for everything.


The advertisement claims to have conducted real interviews - ie Real Calls via Video Conferencing with real candidates who applied for the job.

I would agree, it is one of the well-made ones and has an element of surprise that touches your emotions and does it works of making me know and remember the brand - “Cardstore”.


But PR agencies of late have started producing fake-real viral videos with paid actors. This is definitely one of those. Though I love the video I feel cheated when the video try to make me believe that these were real calls and real conversations.


Here is why I believe this is a staged video and not real calls:

  1. The video quality of all participants is too good (and uniform) to be from real video calls. Even if we consider the agency doing the interviews has good bandwidth and video camera, it is highly unlikely that all of the candidates had similar infrastructure. And even if everyone had, it is highly unlikely that all the candidate’s calls were spotless and ultraclear in HD quality all-through.

  2. The back ground behind the candidates, the wall art, the lining on the wall are all common for candidates indicating that all of them had taken the calls from the same place - ie,. the shooting happened in the same studio for all the candidates!

    Notice the exactly similar lining on the wall behind 2 candidates.

    Exactly similar wall decor with similar paintings in literally the same frames with a white border around them.

    Check out the plant. This is not similar but literally the same piece in the backgrounds of 2 candidates.

  3. All the candidates use a similar chair, which is a black perforated one that rises to the height of the candidate’s neck.

  4. The lighting level in the videos is too uniform to be that of real calls with random candidates.


But whatever, the video is a nice one. Could have been even more honest and heart-touching if only the fake setup was not too obvious as in this case.


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