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SPOILER ALERT: The blog post reveals some details about the movie.But in the first place, the plot is already spoiled for you if you have watched The Prestige movie.

I noticed that subjects like 'Environmental  Engineering' are being made mandatory in many Indian colleges..
But it is PHYSICS that should be made a mandatory subject. To save Indian audiences from wanna-be F&F movies like Dhoom-3.
Censor Board should also include some Physics Grads from IIT or some decent college and all Action Movies should release only after they are certified by these physicists. They should rate the movie as 
O - Obeys all laws of Physics
W - Bends some laws. But Watchable
B - Balakrishna Physics. Avoid at any cost
This rating should be included along with the U/A rating for the movie.

If a movie falls into the B category, the director should be mandated to undergo a course in Physics and he should be able to solve "Problems in General Physics by Iradov" before he releases his next movie.
Such a crap D3 is,. I don't understand how such movies are able to make profits at the BO. It just shows how retarded we the audience are, accepting whatever is thrown at us, mixed with some stars,.
There are 100s of things in the movie that I could not digest,. but here are a few:
  • Amir Khan, when cornered by cops on top of a building, presses some button, releasing some rope from his back pack, which flies towards the sky and attaches itself to some crane which was nowhere seen in the earlier shots showing a 360-degree view of the building
  • The unnecessary coupling -- I could not see any reason why they couple their bikes before escaping from a boat by jumping off it when cornered by Abhishek Bachan and Uday Chopra. The two Aamir's could have well executed the jump more easily with their bikes separated from each other. 

    Similar thing is observed in many other shots - When Aamir askes if the other Aamir is ready and they cross a police barrier by making their bikes swing from some ropes attached to the streetlamp poles. They could have very well executed the manoeuvre irrespective of the other being ready or even independently.

    The director was somehow trying all through the movie that the twin brothers were very much essential to perform the robberies while the fact is that the script no where leverages the fact that there are 2 Aamirs except for the one shot where Aamir escapes after being shot on the back by presenting a different Aamir to the "body scanner".

  • And as usual, the bike jumps executed at many places in the movie with out a ramp or similar. No matter how strong the rider is, he can't take the bike off the ground without some upward thrust resulting from a ramp or a bump.
  • Aamir riding the bike on a rope, I could have done better Graphics with my basic knowledge of Flash. Aamir manages to ride the bike on a rope hardly moving his handle, while at a speed of less than 10kmph. In reality you would be adjusting your handle 100 times a minute if you are riding slow and even more if you are riding on a rope!
  • The stunts by Abhishek in a 3 wheeler auto at the beginning of the movie are equally disgusting.

The problem is not with the director. It is with us who encourage such directors giving them record openings and collections. The mistake is with our colleges that are failing to teach Indians the basic laws of Physics.

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